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How can we help? What cases can be reported to ITAKA?

  • We can help you look for missing Polish citizens (children & adults) in Poland and abroad (mainly in Europe);
  • We can help you look for foreign citizens (children & adults) who probably went missing in Poland;
  • We ensure you that we give each case our special attention. Even when we are unable to register a case, we can offer you our sound advice.
  • We can only deal with the cases which have already been reported to the police (in Poland or elsewhere)

How can you report someone missing?

Contact us via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • who went missing, when & where
  • what is your relationship with the missing person (a son, daughter, boyfriend, etc.)
  • your current contact details: e-mail address and at least 2 different phone numbers including the area code

We will reply and tell you if we can register your case. We will also send you necessary forms to fill in to report a missing person.

Should you have any questions or doubts, call us on our ITAKA 24h helpline.

DISCLAIMER: The 24h helpline active 24 hours a day, but not all persons on duty speak English. Preferably call on weekdays from 9am till 5pm.

Who can report a missing person to ITAKA?

Anyone who reported their case to the police can reported also to ITAKA. Usually, it is a missing person’s relative who reports the case. However, in some situations the case can also be reported by somebody unrelated to the missing person.

What happens after you report a missing person to ITAKA?

  • The missing person’s personal details are registered in the Missing People Internet Database. A ready-made poster of your missing person can be downloaded directly off the site which will help actively involve many other people in your search.
  • We can systematically obtain, store and verify reports of the missing person’s sightings
  • Having verified such reports, we will immediately pass them on to the family, authorized persons and the police
  • Where possible, we can carry out publicity in Polish national and local media.

How do we look for missing people?

  • We publish pictures and personal details of the missing people in the Missing & Unidentified People Internet Database;
  • We obtain, analyze and pass on reports of the missing people’s sightings;
  • In our search for the missing people we contact and consult various organizations and institutions both in Poland and abroad, including the police, NGOs and Polish diplomatic posts;
  • We help local communities organize missing people’s searches: useful ideas and pieces of advice are published on our website. There is also a possibility of downloading posters of missing people directly off the website;
  • In cooperation with Polish and international partners (including Polish community media abroad) we publish missing people’s photographs in the media (press, television, Internet);
  • In our search we resort to police databases of unidentified bodies.

Are ITAKA services free?

YES. ITAKA services are completely free. You can however support us by making a donation to help us look for missing people. The fact of making a donation does not in any way influence the treatment your case receives.

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Project ZAGINIENI.PL NON STOP - 24h integrated help for the missing people and their families - is carried out thanks
to the financial support from the European Union.

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